Our Mission is to Lead the
3rd Wave of Generative AI

Who Are We?

The Nestbox team specializes in providing enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions for a wide range of industries, from tech to finance, government, healthcare, and education. Our team of experts have extensive experience in managing and developing customized AI applications that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each enterprise client. Our founders have deployed an AI-based solution for Medicare that processes over $9B in annual payments. We are committed to Responsible AI practices to ensure that our AI solutions are safe, inclusive, and responsible. We look forward to helping you achieve your innovative visions with state of the art generative AI.

Our Locations

New York Office

NYC Office - 30 Bayard St,
Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Toronto Office

130 Bloor St W, Toronto,
ON M5S 1N5, Canada

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