Enable Safe Adoption of LLMs With Your Applications

Platform to easily and securely integrate self-hosted and third party vetted LLMs. Manage access control, cost control, and logging/monitoring across your enterprise.

Why Use Nestbox.ai

The Nestbox platform provides secure and scalable integration of Large Language Models (LLMs), empowering your team to build advanced AI-driven solutions.

Centralized control stack
Gateway to vetted LLMs
Compliance and monitoring to avoid risk

The Nestbox LLMOps Solution

Integrated Environment for managing your LLM operations - Quickly and Safely 

Centralized Control Stack

Nestbox serves as a centralized control platform facilitating secure and streamlined access to LLMs. It offers robust features like prompt inject attack detection and prevention, ensuring the integrity of AI interactions. The platform also emphasizes data privacy with PII detection and anonymization, alongside data leakage prevention to safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, Nestbox incorporates toxicity detection and source code detection, crucial for maintaining ethical AI standards. The platform enhances operational control through access management, cost control, detailed logging, and comprehensive dashboards, providing a holistic solution for managing LLMs effectively and responsibly.

Manage projects and resources

Gateway to Vetted LLMs

Nestbox acts as a gateway to vetted Large Language Models (LLMs), providing a secure and centralized platform for accessing pre-evaluated and trustworthy AI models. This setup ensures that the LLMs available through Nestbox have undergone rigorous scrutiny for quality, security, and compliance, thereby reducing the risks associated with deploying unvetted AI technologies. By streamlining access to these vetted models, Nestbox simplifies the process for businesses to leverage advanced AI capabilities, ensuring they benefit from reliable and ethically responsible LLMs. This approach significantly aids organizations in adopting AI solutions confidently and efficiently.

Avoid Risk With Built-in Compliance Workflows

Adhering to regulatory requirements helps you avoid legal and reputational risks associated with non-compliance. Proactively managing alerts and promptly addressing any violations by hijacking sessions to human attention, you can mitigate potential consequences and maintain trust with both customers and regulatory authorities. Safeguard against biased or discriminatory outputs, ensuring fair and ethical use of the generative AI models. Avoid guardrails that prevent the most interesting use cases of LLMs by adopting self-hosted LLMs.

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We understand that great partnerships are built on synergy and collaboration. 

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